Welcome to Xitel - Precision Technology

Xitel is a privately held electronics engineering firm. For over 38 years, Xitel has developed and manufactured leading solutions for major global brands, leveraging emerging technologies to create substantial new platforms. During that time, the company has designed, engineered, and manufactured millions of units for an elite list of OEM partners including Sony, Siemens, Raytheon, HSBC and Kodak.

With a strong history in complete turnkey development and manufacturing of complex electronics, Xitel has assisted major corporations overcome deficiencies in their own engineering or better leverage their market position. Our management has a strong international network and proven history of close co-operation with the world's most powerful technology vendors. Always at the cutting edge, Xitel's unique knowledge, vision, and astute ability to deliver commercial solutions has built an historical foundation of success and direction for the future.

If you require technical support with any Xitel product, please contact us via support@xitel.com